I just received a very disturbing email from Sophia Mas at Stewart-Marchman:


I called Cares at 904-238-4946 & they told me they had spoken to you yesterday & that your mother was not on their waiting list because their waiting list is for long term diversion age 65 & above – I called the Elder Helpline #888-242-4464 – Their Medicaid waiver is for assisted living facility w/age limit of 60 – talked to Jeremy – he remembers taking the call on Thursday 12/22/11 – He told me that his job is to submit the phone Intake – that is to be followed by “a specialist” calling this facility and doing a more in-depth assessment of the need for the Medicaid waiver and any other need your mother may have – once that process is completed then she will be put in the waiting list – I asked how we can speed this process – He said “you can’t” & added “It can be a lengthy waiting period for the call / 2nd assessment & for the waiting list” – So I misspoke by saying she was on the waiting list – I misunderstood & thought that meant she was on the waiver waiting list – she’s not – She’s on the waiting list to have a more thorough assessment which will put her on the waiting list – This is as clear as I can get w/the information I got today.

– Two of our very caring staff just finished giving your mother a bath & changing her into fresh clean clothes – I found her glasses they were under her pillow – I attached a tag w/her name to the R leg of her glasses & tried giving them to her but she declined – I put them in her room in her bin – thought that would put your mind at ease – She is not very talkative today – she is up & walking w assistance when she needs it –

Take care,