I spent a long time on the phone this afternoon in yet another fruitless attempt to get my mom approved for Medicaid:

Timothy Jefferson @ ElderSource 904 391-6650

said he received an email from Linda Kattenoff and had Deborah‘s supervisor on the phone listening

said CARES is the only agency that can do assessments

said we need to do an “intake referral” by ElderSource

said based on results of assessment, mom will be placed on a “wait list” at ElderSource

said no idea how long it could be before funds are released, made available to people on wait list

said funds are based on what’s available @ ElderSource

said the Director of Operations is in charge of releasing funds

said the order of the list is based on need/frailty

told me to call 8882424464 between 7:30A-6:30p ET and say I need to do an intake referral for a Medicaid waiver

all of this is managed by CARES and the Department of Children & Family Services

said CARES administers “nursing home diversion” wait list, which is another very similar program