I just received the following email from Constance Wade at the Halifax Hospital Psychiatric Unit:

I am pleased to inform you a neurological evaluation has been ordered for your mother. We will be mailing the guardian advocate book and test to you. Please fill out the test and mail it back to us. Our nursing staff was given your name and phone number to contact. Hopefully we will be able to assist your mother. Call me with any questions or concerns. Tomorrow, Saturday Marlyn Gandt Hudson LCSW will be here.

I replied to her twenty minutes later with this message:

Dear Connie,

Thank you SO much for this email. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate receiving information about my mother.

Nurse Rhonda called me at about 9:00 AM (noon your time) to ask me many questions in preparation to give my mother an MRI.

If possible, can you please tell me my mother’s current height and weight? (I need this information to complete an application to add her to the waiting list at ElderSource for an “assisted living waiver”.)

Thank you sincerely,