Here are my notes from January 20th:

Connie Wade called, my first conversation with her
unsure of her own email address –
sounded very caring and competent, said mom is on 2500 unit and Rhonda is her nurse today
Connie gave me address to send mom cards, etc.
Halifax Psychiatric Center
303 N Clyde Morris Blvd, DAB FL 32114
said “common room” phone number is
(386) 254-4283 open from 9:30A-9:30P(ET)

Rhonda called to ask me a bunch of questions about implanted metals, magnets, because of MRI

phone call from ElderSource in Jacksonville, the same office where Timothy Jefferson works
someone named Edwin took mom’s “intake assessment”, which took about 30 min

Edwin transferred me to Deliah McClain, who said she spoke to Deborah, who told her mom was in an institution in Baker County.
I explained that she was Baked Acted in Volusia County, and explained to her the whole story

Deliah said she added mom to “assisted living facility” waiver list; said the assessment done by C.A.R.E.S. is not the same as the assessment done by ElderSource
said C.A.R.E.S. primarily does assessments for ElderSource and for other types of services
said C.A.R.E.S. handles assessments and fund distribution for nursing homes
said ElderSource handles fund distribution for ALFs

a phone call from Rodney at Stewart-Marchman interrupted call w/Deliah to confirm that I knew mom was transferred okay to Halifax

Deliah continued her intake, (904) 391-6600

called mom, was told Evelyn on duty
spoke with Pat, said mom was medicated during the MRI, said mom didn’t sleep well the previous night and was very sleepy today
said visiting hours 6:30A-8:30P every day
also 2-4PM on weekends