I received a voice mail from Constance Wade this afternoon:

“Hello. It’s Connie, from Halifax, just letting you know that your mother was retained at Baker Act court and I’m hopeful that you’re gonna get the booklet and the test 1 soon and you can just send us the test back and hopefully, y’know, your mom will continue to stabilize and we’ll be able to find a place for her to go. Right now I think she still is in the process of being stabilized in her level of function … and I’m glad that you had a chance to speak to Rhonda, 2 luckily Rhonda’s been working with her for a while so I think she has a good understanding of her needs and we’re just gonna have to continue to work all together and hopefully we will come up with a solution for her … as a good place to go once all has been stabilized. Thank you. Bye.”

I returned her call almost immediately. (I missed her call because I was at a business lunch meeting in San Francisco.) Here are my notes from the call:

1200 Constance Wade called around noon while I was just sitting down to lunch at Lulu in San Francisco w/ [name redacted], [name redacted], and [name redacted], a credit card processing rep; talked to Connie for about 20 min. about mom, mostly about how hard all this is.
I repeated almost her entire history to Connie again.
She wanted to explain, I think, that we’re not going to be able to get mom out of there and into long-term care somewhere, until she’s “stable”
She did reassure me that mom has her glasses and that she gets my cards and photos of [name redacted].

1 This is referring to the booklet and test to prove myself capable of being my mother’s Guardian Advocate.
2 Rhonda is a nurse at Halifax.