Delia McClain, a Medicaid Client Services Specialist with ElderSource, replied to my email from yesterday with this message:

The Dementia program is called Alzheimer's Disease Initiative (ADI). Also, please contact Tallahassee to request the representative for the county in which your mother resides in to address funding. The Department of Elder Affairs in Tallahassee phone # is 850-414-2000.

Good morning Mr. Gagne,
During our previous discussion, you also informed me that your mother had been diagnose with Dementia. I'd advised you that there is a program for clients with Dementia that I would add her name to in addition to the Assisted Living Facility Waiver wait lists. The phone screening you completed with me, resulted to placing your mother on the appropriate wait list, therefore, you have done what was needed to ensure that.
Medicaid is a state and federal health program which provides coverage for people with lower incomes, the elderly and people with disabilities-who Eldersource serves, and some families and children. Anyone can apply for Medicaid. Eldersource can also assist the people we serve apply for Medicaid, among other programs. Medicaid isn't a universal term for assorted programs/wait lists, however, there are different programs under Medicaid. A Medicaid program we manage/fund here at Elersource is Medicaid Waiver. Services under the Medicaid Waiver program can be rec'd in a client's home or in an assisted living facility (ALF)-which your mother is currently on the wait list for. Eldersource will assist you to process your mother for the ALF program when her name comes up.
Hope I've answer your questions. You can find more about Eldersource at our website @
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