Here is a voice mail I just received:

“Mr. Gagne, this is Marilyn at Halifax in Daytona. I just gave [name redacted] a call to see if she could join us in a meeting on Friday, this Friday, eight-thirty in the morning, 1 to discuss the Medicaid application and that kind of thing that is gonna impact on her placement possibilities, her finances in essence and she said that she wanted me to give you a call and just run this by you because she didn’t wanna come without you saying that it is fine. So if you could give [name redacted] a call and y’know just tell her I guess tell her it’s okay to come and if you have any questions that I might be able to answer I’ll be here tomorrow. Thursday in the morning I’m in court but tomorrow afternoon (386) 254-4080. Thanks so much. Bye.”

I immediately returned her call — and I mean within fifteen seconds of missing the phone ring — but I was told she’d already left the building.

1 That would be five-thirty in the morning for me in Los Angeles.