I sent the following email to my sister and Janis Stovall at Grace Manor Port Orange:

Dear Janis and [name redacted],

This morning I received a phone call from Sandy and Judy with Americare. (They seemed to be calling from somewhere in Volusia County.)

Sandy informed me that they received an order from Dr. Buck requesting authorization to have a nurse therapist visit mom, which I granted immediately. Sandy then had me confirm this with Judy, who told me that a nurse named Melanie would be visiting mom (at least) three times, at a rate of $135/visit. Judy told me that Melanie would call me prior to visiting mom 1 so I could give her some information and history about her.

Judy said that — because mom has no insurance and is not receiving Medicare or Medicaid — they need payment in advance. I told them that my sister [name redacted] would call them and provide them with mom’s debit card number to charge. [name redacted], please call (386) 290-2194 and ask for Judy as soon as possible to get this ball rolling.


David Vincent Gagne

1 Of course Melanie did not call me prior to visiting mom, which led to a bunch of problems.