I just sent the following email to my sister:

Hey [name redacted],

Nurse Patty — the same one who was there yesterday (Tuesday, May 29) — called me at 4:45 this morning to tell me that there was blood in mom’s stool. She called so they could get my permission to perform another colonoscopy. I approved the colonoscopy (which requires anesthesia) and a blood transfusion (if needed). She said they were going to do it as soon as possible and she would let me know the results. She said that it is likely an ulcer that they can simply cauterize, but they want to make sure it’s nothing more dramatic than that.

She also said that the results of the HIV test were negative (good) and that they should have the results of the HepC test today.

When I talk to her again I will double-check on the status of her pelvis. I know that they have had a physical therapist working with her to make sure her muscles don’t atrophy and to prevent any stiffness and / or bed sores, but she is not walking or anything like that.

No doctor has said anything to me about a specialized clinic or anything else concerning her getting discharged yet.

David Vincent Gagne