I received a phone call from Keith at (386) 425-0450, a discharge coordinator / case manager at Halifax Hospital.

Keith was trying to explain to me how hard his job was because my mom doesn’t have any funds or insurance. He noted that he had been calling “all over” but had been unable to find a place “to put” my mom. He said at one point that “there is no place for her to go with no money.” I tried telling him that I had been working for several months to try to get her Medicaid, and that — more importantly — I am very concerned that they are trying to discharge her when clearly she is not acting like herself.

Keith was very clearly frustrated when he learned that I live in Los Angeles and was not going to move my mom out here or move my family to Florida to care for her. I got upset and exasperated, and I asked him what he thought I should be doing beyond calling twice a day, every day, and writing letters, and spending hours on the phone with government agencies and incompetent administrators at Halifax, and that’s when he hung up on me.