I received a one minute and fifteen second voice mail from EveAnn at Halifax Hospital. Here is a transcript of the call:

Hi. Mr. Gagne this is EveAnn returning your call from Halifax Hospital. I re-routed your, your inquiry to Sam Cassel, who is the Director of Medical and Surgical Services and she’s a person … I’m glad to hear that you at least maybe spoke to Chuck or Darlene on Wednesday and I just … it’s taken me a while to get this information moved in the right direction, but Sam Cassel can be reached at our hospital number extension 50508 and her cell phone is [redacted] I forwarded her earlier the email that I had sent to Chuck so it kinda gives a synoptic review of what we had discussed so please know that I’m moving this forward I just don’t have any answer for you; I’m trying to connect you with the people, the clinical folks that can help you. So I hope this works and that you hear from someone today. I will try to reach her. I just tried now at her desk and there was no answer so I’m gonna try her cell myself, and ask her to give you a call then. I hope all is well and thank you for your patience. Buh-bye.