I spent well over an hour on the phone this morning simply trying to get anyone to give me additional information about my mom.

  1. First I called her room at Halifax Hospital to try to talk to mom, but Nurse Amber told me she was asleep.
  2. I called the main line (386) 425-0400 and asked to speak to “anyone there that’s in charge.” I was put on hold for so long that eventually I hung up.
  3. I called EveAnn but she didn’t answer, so I left her a voice mail.
  4. I called Chuck Flavio, but he didn’t answer, so I left him a voice mail.
  5. I called the numbers I have for Dr. Anwer and Dr. Kahn, but nobody ever answered the phone and it never went to voice mail; both numbers just kept ringing forever.
  6. I called Keith the discharge coordinator, but he didn’t answer, so I left him a voice mail.
  7. I called the number I have for Dr. Nasr, but was told that he is on call at the hospital this week so would not be able to return my call until next week; I left him a message just the same.
  8. Then I called mom’s room again.

By now there was a new nurse assigned to her. Nurse Beth was very busy, but she took the time to read me a list of the medications she had just given my mom: