Email received from my sister:

Hey, David.

I talked to Misty last week at Chamberlin Edmonds. She said we wait. I don’t have a number directly to anyone with Medicaid. […] I mailed in everything I was told to mail, and now they are reviewing it. It is not easy to get approved for Social Security Disability, and it takes time. And what I was told was that in the state of Florida, you need to be receiving disability to get Medicaid.

I will call Misty tomorrow, and ask her if she has a number I can call directly to anyone involved with Medicaid. I will also try calling Social Security again.


What is her medical status? Is she urinating ok now? Has her walking improved?

I called her twice last week, and she said a couple of sentences and sounded fair, considering. I called her twice this week, and she could not even speak. It was awful.

Also, I need your advice. I have some bills for Mom: costs to replace carpeting, fees from Coastal and Grace Manor, and some medical ones. I have been hesitant to pay because I do not know what we will need to get her moved into someplace from the hospital. Her Social Security Retirement has just accrued the last 3 months, so she has about [redacted] in her account. Should I pay some just to get her account back under [redacted] and keep close to [redacted] to pay for PT or whatever at a nursing home?

Please let me know what you think about the money.

Love you.