I just faxed a completed Florida Department of Elder Affairs 2040 form as instructed by Marsha Porter (See previous post).

It is clear now why the representative from the Florida Department of Elder Affairs told Marsha to tell me to “google” the form. If you visit their website — elderaffairs.state.fl.us — you’ll see how poorly organized it is and how it would have been just about impossible to find that form there. Secretary Charles T. Corley should be ashamed and embarrassed by his department’s website. I’m thirty-nine years old and have been working with computers and the Internet for the last twenty years and I had a hard time finding what I needed. If I was an elderly person looking for support from that department I would be completely out of luck. That’s deplorable.

If you are trying to find it, here is a copy of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs 2040 form.

Update: I mailed via USPS a copy of this completed form and the fax cover sheet to Sylvia Gray, the Business Office Manager at Woodland Terrace on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.

I also included a cover sheet on my fax. Here is what I wrote:

David Vincent Gagne
[my address]
[my phone number]
[my email address]

Florida Department of Elder Affairs
Attn: Linda or Jenna

I am faxing this completed “2040 form” to (386) 238-3199 based on instructions from Marsha Porter <Marsha.Porter@halifax.org>, a discharge coordinator at Halifax Hospital.

This form is being submitted for my mother:

Also Known As: “KATHIE” GAGNE
Maiden Name: ALBANESE
DOB: [my mother’s date of birth]
SS#: [my mother’s social security number]

Please note that my sister (Jennifer) and I have been working since the beginning of January 2012 to obtain Medicaid for our mother, so it is quite frustrating to be asked to supply this form, which seems like something that we would have supplied (or, more likely, did supply) many, many months ago.