My sister just received an email from Department of Children and Families, ACCESS Florida Program <> The subject line is “Online Notices – My ACCESS Account (Ref#:9246)” 1

Please, do me a favor and take a look at the screenshot of this message. Can you even imagine being able to make any sense of it if you were elderly? I cannot fathom there are many able-bodied, able-minded 40 year olds who would be able to understand what this message means, much less how to view one of their notices. 2

1 I’m sure that helpful subject line will sail right through any mail server spam filters.
2 What is a “notice” anyway? And why would someone elect to not receive a paper version of one? Does the State of Florida seriously believe that there are that many elderly citizens there that are so computer literate that they’d prefer to receive all of their updates electronically?