I just received a phone call from Rosa Rivero, the Admissions Coordinator at Woodland Terrace. She was very apologetic for calling me so early when I explained that it was 9AM here and not noon like it was there, and I did my best to let her know that I am usually awake by 6AM and I wasn’t upset.

Rosa was calling to (a) confirm my wishes regarding who is allowed to be given information about mom (referenced in my email to Sherri and Sylvia last week) and that I am the only one allowed to make decisions regarding mom’s care, and (b) ask how quickly I will be able to return signed copies of the consent forms she emailed me yesterday.

She apologized profusely for the inefficiency of the State of Florida and that I had to sign many forms instead of just a single, blanket consent form. (I told her that I was familiar with government inefficiency and wasn’t bothered that I had to sign my name multiple times.)

Rosa let me know that she leaves the office at 4:30PM and asked if I would let her know prior to that if I’d be able to fax the signed forms to her before then. I told her I would.