My phone rang at 5:40AM PDT, but I didn’t get to it in time to answer. It was a message from Shelly Sparace in response to my call yesterday. She left her name and the main number for Woodland Terrace, (386) 738-3433.

I returned the call while I was driving to work at 7:56AM PDT. The receptionist laughed with me about our shared ignorance of the correct pronunciation of Sparace and then transferred me to her line. I got the same voice mail box as yesterday — the one with the man’s voice saying simply, “Social Service Director” — so I left the same message for Shelly.

Update: I suppose I won this round of phone tag, as it is now 5:05PM PDT and Shelly hasn’t returned my call. I find it hard to imagine she’s going to call me after 8:00PM on the East coast, or that I’ll receive a call over the weekend. <sigh>