I just attempted to send a fax to Woodland Terrace. I had signed or initialed eight of the forty-six pages in the big PDF that Rosa Rivero, the Admissions Coordinator, sent me on the 16th. Rosa’s email didn’t include the fax number to which she wanted me to return these, so I checked their website. There is a fax number labeled “Admissions Fax” quickly visible at the bottom of the right sidebar, so I attempted to send it there.

The line rang and then made a bunch of strange beeps, but it didn’t sound like a fax machine on the other end, and it was clearly not working.

I called Woodland Terrace and someone I strongly suspect was Rachel answered the phone. I told her I was trying to send a fax and asked if (386) 738-3420 was the correct number. She said that it wasn’t and gave me a different number, which, as she was reading it to me, I noticed was also printed on the right sidebar of their website. I said something like, “Okay. Thanks. You should let someone know that the number on the website is wrong,” in the most polite and helpful way I could.

She replied with something along the lines of, “Okay. Thank you,” in the absolute rudest, most sarcastic way you could possible say something over the telephone. I hung up.

Update: I successfully sent the eight pages to (386) 740-8303 at 9:11AM PDT.
Update: It is now 5:07PM PDT and I have not received any acknowledgment that the fax was received. I suppose I will call Monday morning to see if anyone got it. <sigh>