At 7:15AM PDT I received another email from the copy machine at Woodland Terrace. It contained no subject line or message, but had a twenty-six page, 3MB file attached named doc04431020120730101424.pdf.

About five minutes later I received this email from Rosa Rivera with the subject line “Admission Pocket”:

Good morning David. I’ve resent the pages that need to be signed for our records. I’m sure you already have this from the original time everything was sent. Please review them and return as soon as possible with the required signature. You also have the pharmacy notification. This also needs to be signed. If you have any concerns as you explained during our previous conversation. You can speak with Susan Macklelfresh (our director of nurse) This is the only pharmacy that we use.
Thank you.


At about 3:20PM PDT I replied to Rosa with the following message:

Good afternoon, Rosa.

Please note that none of the twenty-six (26) pages included in the PDF you sent me this morning were included in the original forty-six (46) page PDF I received on July 16th, 2012 at 4:11 PM EDT. This is the first time I’ve been sent any of these forms.

Yes, I do have the “Financial Responsibility Agreement” from RxPerts Pharmacy in Tampa. I did not include that in the signed forms I faxed you on July 20th, 2012 at 12:11 PM EDT because I have no idea how that form should be completed, since I am not the one who will be financially responsible for paying for any prescriptions. I would think that is something which needs to be completed (or handled) by Sylvia Gray in the business office, or by Shelly Sparace, who is working on helping my mom acquire Medicaid.

I’ll review these twenty-six pages and sign and return via both fax and USPS as soon as I can.


David Vincent Gagne