My sister just sent me this email:

[…] Do you know if they are doing any kind of therapy with Mom? As I was reading the blog entry about the Olympics and thinking about Mom in a wheelchair, I got concerned about whether or not they were doing ANY physical therapy with her. Even just range of motion stuff to keep her muscles from atrophying. From what I understand, PT and OT are not covered by Medicaid (I might be wrong), so it would need to be paid from her Social Security now before everything gets set up to where Woodland simply gets all of her Social Security to cover basic costs along with the Medicaid.

Has Sylvia 1 talked to you about making any payments? She has not called me back after I left her a message, and when I just called now, she was on another line. […]

I replied at 2:09 PM PDT with:

Nobody at Woodland Terrace has ever talked to me about any payments. I am pretty certain that they are doing physical therapy with mom, though; I seem to remember someone saying something about that. I’m much more concerned that — even after eight full months — she is not receiving any sort of psychological counseling or therapy, which is what she needs more than anything else, and we still have not managed to get her Medicaid application approved.

I’ll confirm when I call Nurse Dawn at 3:00 PM PDT today to get an update on what Dr. Peele said today.

1 Sylvia Gray, the Business Office Manager