I just received a call from Shelly Sparace at Woodland Terrace. She asked how I was doing and I said that everything was going well aside from spending the last nine months dealing with the most horrible, traumatic thing that has ever happened to my family. She said she understood and sounded very sympathetic.

She was calling with good news, though. Shelly told me that she finally heard from the psychiatrist who regularly visits Woodland Terrace, and he agreed to see mom even though she has not yet been approved for Medicaid. She said that she hadn’t returned my call yet because she had wanted to wait until she got confirmation from him first. I asked if she knew his name and she said it was Dr. Oh!

Now, I know that my mom has seen a Dr. Stephen Oh in the past, but Shelly did not know his first name. I suppose that Oh is a common last name, but I can’t imagine that there are many psychiatrists in Volusia County named Oh, so there’s a good chance it’s the same doctor.

I asked Shelly if she knew what his schedule was, how often and on what days he visits Woodland Terrace. She said that she didn’t know, but that she would email me when she does.

I asked her if the same protocols would be in place as far as prescriptions are concerned, and she confirmed that they would still need my approval before giving mom any new medications.

The entire call lasted about four minutes.

Update: About three hours later — at 1:23 PM PDT — I received this email, which displayed Social Services Director <wtsocialterr@wterrace.com> as the “from” address, and RE:Psychiatrist as the subject line:

Hi David,

According to nursing the psychiatrist comes weekly, usually on a Monday or

Have a good weekend.