My sister sent this email to both me and to Shelly Sparace 1 at Woodland Terrace:

Hi, David and Shelly.
I received a notice in my email that linked to this letter from Medicaid 2. Shelly, have these forms been sent?

Attached was a 2.2MB PDF named “Medicaid Letter 8.7.2012”. It is another perfect example of how shockingly, insultingly, stupidly idiotic the Medicaid application process is in the State of Florida. I cannot imagine how anyone in the State of Florida Department of Children and Families could possibly think that a letter like this would be informative to a senior citizen attempting to get approved for Medicaid. It’s almost — almost — like the state doesn’t want its citizens to receive financial assistance. Take a look:

Dear Kathleen Gagne,
The following is information about your eligibility.

Your application received on July 06, 2012 has not been processed because:
You have not returned everything we need to determine your eligibility. Please return or fax the information to the return address or fax number listed above. You still need to return:
Other – please see comments below 3
Please complete and sign the Authorization To Disclose Information Form
Please complete and sign the Informed Consent Form
Please complete and sign the Affidavit for Designated Representative Form 4

case is pending: placement in nursing home. level of care. completed and readable 3008. 3/12 to current bank statements. 5

Requested items with an asterisk (*) must be provided if you are applying for food assistance.

If you do not return this information by September 04, 2012, we will deny your application because you did not provide the requested information and you will not receive a separate denial notice. This is your denial notice. 42 CFR 435.912

If you think you already returned this information, go to your MyACCESS Account and it will tell you which information we are waiting for.

If you do not already have an account, you can set one up using your case number listed above . Go to to activate your MyACCESS Account and check the status of your application.

Please contact our office at the number listed above, if you have questions, need additional information, or need help getting this information.

AE44 P1 FORM: CF-ES 160 06 2012

1 using
2 The letter isn’t from Medicaid, of course. It’s from the State of Florida Department of Children and Families.
3 I love the “other” line item.
4 There is no way to know how to acquire those three forms.
5 A “3008” is a form which needs to be returned. That’s not exactly clear from this, do you think?