Early this morning Shelly from Woodland Terrace responded to my sister’s email from last night:

Yes, all the information was forwarded on 7/23/12. I re-faxed the consents and 3008 again this morning. We are still waiting on the Level of Care and will forward that once received.


(My sister replied with, “Thank you,” about an hour and a half later.)

So basically Shelly is saying that over two weeks ago she had sent all of the information that the State of Florida Department of Children and Families claims is missing except for the “Level of Care”. And she’s saying that she sent all of that again this morning.

At about 8:40 AM PDT I replied to both of them with this question:

What exactly is a “Level of Care”?
Is it a form?
Who is responsible for providing that to you?
When was it last requested?
Is there anything I can do to encourage that person to send it?


At 10:21 AM PDT my sister replied to me and copied Shelly, saying:

I believe Shelly has said that the Level of Care is an assessment that someone from ElderSource or Council on Aging (one of those type of agencies, I do not remember off the top of my head) does on Mom to determine if she does, in fact, need to be in a nursing home.

Then at 1:17 PM PDT Shelly replied to us and said:

Yes Jennifer, you are correct.