I sent this email 1 to Dr. Allen Cusack, the manager of J.E. Cusack Mortuary, where my mother’s body is currently being held:

Dear Mr. Cusack,

Here is some additional information about my mother.

Please do not hesitate to ask — via email or telephone — if there is any other information I can give you.

Kathleen “Kathie” Gagne
Maiden name: [redacted]
DOB: 09-22-1948
DOD: 08-12-2012
SS#: [redacted]

Vincent Albanese (1918 – 1986)
Anna Sofia DiFolco (1920 – 2007)

I also urge you to review http://kathiegagne.com/ if you have the opportunity. I have been keeping very detailed records of every conversation I’ve had with every doctor, nurse, and administrator for the last nine months and there is a tremendous amount of supplemental information there, including frequently updated lists of what medications she was administered and by whom.

Thank you so much for your kindness and assistance,

David Vincent Gagne

Dr. Cusack replied to me at 5:43 PM EDT with this note:

I did receive your email and have submitted the information for the death certificate and am now awaiting the decision regarding the autopsy. This is the normal process; tomorrow I’ll let you know if I’ve heard from them. Thank you for providing this information and entrusting us with the care of your mother.

1 Note that this website lists times as Pacific. I sent this email at 2:58 PM EDT.