Dr. Allen Cusack of Cusack Mortuary wrote me to say:

Good Evening,

I am writing to inform you that I have spoken with the pathologist who will perform the actual autopsy Saturday (08/25). Just wanted to touch base with you that we were in touch and also to share that I spoke with your sister [name redacted] and referred her to the News Journal regarding an obituary/newspaper notice. If you would let me know when/if you are planning to have a service for your mother and I hope to have an agreement for you by the weekend. Again, I hope you are doing well and continuing to transition smoothly.

Take care!!

He sent another email about thirty minutes later to say:

I did add the memorial service information to our web page. Will try to make contact with you Friday morning to see if you need anything for the service. It has also been faxed to our answering service just in case of any calls. – NO CHARGE….just for informative purposes

I replied to him (and copied my sister) at 10:00 PM EDT by saying:

MomDear Allen,

Thanks again for all your help. I saw on your website that you have listed that we are having a memorial service for my mom on Saturday, and I realized that I still haven’t sent you a photograph. Attached please find a photo which should work. If not, please let me know.

I am planning on visiting your Deland facility on Friday (or early Saturday) to give you a check for the pathologist. Is there any specific time that I should target? I’d like to meet you, and thank you, in person.

David Gagne

The photo I included is one that my sister and I found when going through some of my mom’s stuff last week. I am pretty sure it’s from sometime not long before my grandfather died, which was in 1986. She was in the best shape of her life, and it was the last time I remember my mom every being truly happy for an extended period of time. (You can also see a little bit of Goofy in the lower corner, and I think she would have liked that.)

Allen replied to me on August 24th at 10:39 AM EDT:

I should be around anytime after 2pm. We have an evening visitation, which will have me around say between 2:30-7 tonight. I will add photo and I did like the notice in today’s paper. Will prob incorporate that to the site as well.