I sent this email to attorney Steven Phillips of Pincus & Currier, LLP on August 27th, 2012 at 12:27 pm:


Hey Steve,

We are in the middle of packing everything for our return to LA first thing tomorrow morning. I did have a couple of questions about the contracts you sent. Is it okay if I call you to discuss tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday? Then I can fax and / or FedEx them to you probably by Friday.

Have you spoken to Dr. Wolf since she performed the autopsy?

I still cannot believe the last two and a half weeks were real. I cannot believe I am returning to Los Angeles and I will never see my mother or get to talk to her again. It is simply inconceivable.

I found some photos of her from just a few weeks before she was admitted to Stewart-Marchman ACT on December 1st and she is smiling and happy; she had been dancing in a conga line at a friend’s wedding. The year or two prior to her death saw her losing weight because she was so active, going on long walks with her dog every day. I just can’t believe she’s dead.


He replied to me at 12:39 pm:


It is very sad indeed.
I’ll be available most all day tomorrow and Wednesday.
Call at your convenience.
I haven’t talked to Dr. Wolf, but she did get the list of meds you sent to me.