My sister sent me an email regarding mom’s Social Security:

  • The woman who has been working on Mom’s Social Security Disability claim is Jessica Srinivasan out of the Port Orange office.
  • Mom’s last Social Security Retirement payment is the one we received in August 2012 because it pays a month behind (the August payment is for July). Because Mom did not live through all of August, there will be no payment in September.


  • On 8/21/12 I signed the 827 Form for consent to look at Mom’s medical records.
  • The Medical Disability Examiner will contact me to ask me a few questions about Mom’s medical history. I can give them your phone number.
  • The doctor will review the claim and the medical records.
  • The doctor will let Social Security know his/her determination.
  • If the doctor determines Mom was disabled, the doctor will let Social Security know the start date.
  • I will be notified by letter of the determination.

In order for the funds to be dispersed, you need to bring your certified birth certificate to your local Social Security office. Tell them:

  • Field Office 664 in Port Orange, FL, has an open claim in regards to your mother for a possible underpayment.
  • Give them Mom’s social security number.
  • Bring a picture id.

Because you are not the Representative Payee, they will not give you information, but you can provide them with information. They do not do business via email due to the possibility of spam.

To process for Disability it takes 90 days. I am guessing that it means 90 days from when they have received the authorization form to see the medical records.

ALSO, you need to bring in the certified death certificate for them to copy and send to Jessica. If you want to call her, her number is [redacted].

They need to see the death certificate first so you may as well wait until you have it and make one trip. They need to see your birth certificate and id to verify the dispersement of any payments.

Love you.