On the morning of September 7th, 2012, I sent this email to Steve Phillips of Pincus & Currier, LLP, the attorney who was working with us at the time:

EmailHey Steve,

Can you tell me what’s happening right now?

Have you heard anything from Dr. Wolf?

Did you send the notice to Woodland Terrace about not destroying any of my mother’s charts or records?

Did you discover what their insurance policy is?

Were you able to acquire copies of my mother’s medical records for Dr. Wolf? (Has she requested them from you?)

There should be quite an extensive file on my mother at Halifax Hospital; she was there four times since December 2011 for a total of almost 150 days.

There should also be some sort of file on her at Fish Memorial Hospital in Deland.

You can see a detailed list of where she was and when by visiting the “Places” page at http://kathiegagne.com/places/

I also wanted to make sure you knew that yesterday, September 6, 2012, I received an email from Dr. Allen Cusack of Cusack Mortuary at about 11 AM (your time) in which he said:

“I also spoke with Dr. Wolf and gave her the copy of what Dr. Peele said in order for her to complete her studies. To be honest, it was a good idea to have the autopsy done. His findings were probable causes, so in other words, he was not sure.”

In two weeks my mom would have turned 64.


David Vincent Gagne

Note: Steve never responded directly to this email. I did not hear from him again until September 12th, when he replied to a different email.