While I was going through my mom’s old Yahoo! email account I found several messages to someone named Carol Mary. She was clearly someone important to my mom, although the name only vaguely and barely rung a bell.

I sent an email to her on Sunday, September 9, 2012 at 11:57 pm. I wrote:

Hello, Carol Mary,

Is this a valid email address?

My name is David Gagne and I think you may have known my mother, Kathleen “Kathie” Albanese Gagne.

If you receive this, please reply.

Thank you sincerely,

The email bounced back repeatedly as unable to be delivered. The email address I found was cmmorrison@rinet36.org. Since I knew from the messages in mom’s “sent items” that her first name was Carol Mary, I took a guess that her last name was Morrison and I did a Google search for her.

I am pretty certain that the first result, an obituary for Sister Carol Mary Morrison of Providence, RI, is the friend my mom was writing. She died on July 16th of 2009.