A long-time friend of my mother’s sent me this email in regards to yesterday’s post about Sister Carol Mary Morrison:

Dear David,

Sister Carol Mary Morrison was one of 12 women, 4 being nuns, who lived at the House of Faith, part of St. Patrick’s parish in Providence. The actual house, the former convent, was on the corner of Smith St & State St, right across Smith St from the State Building. The church was next door, and the rectory behind. All, or at least the church and convent, were torn down years ago. The church, although not really very old, had walls that were built improperly so had to be condemned. Your mother and I were 2 of the 12 women who lived at the House of Faith in the early 1970’s. You probably know that we and your father were part of the Catholic Charismatic Movement and Christian Community which began in Rhode Island (the movement began at some Catholic university, I believe, then went on to Ann Arbor, MI, and so forth) with prayer meetings at the Holy Ghost Church on Federal Hill in Providence, and then moved to Smith Hill when Father Raymond Kelly got the pastorate at St. Pat’s.

Shortly after I posted this note to the website, my dad wrote to say:

Now a parking lot, was condemned as unsafe while your mother and I were on honeymoon. Our wedding was the last service performed there as pieces of the roof/ceiling came down into the church.