At eleven o’clock in the morning on November 8th, 2012, I sent the following questions via email to Steven Phillips of Pincus & Currier, LLP:


Hey Steve,

(1) You said that Woodland Terrace is concerned because I have not been appointed the PR of her estate by a court. Would it expedite things if we did this? Is there any downside to my being appointed the PR of her estate? Would that be a complicated process? Is that something you could help me do? Or is that irrelevant and not necessary?

(2) So it has now been a minimum of three full weeks — and likely longer than that — since you first requested copies of her records from Woodland Terrace. Is there a deadline for them to reply? Can they simply delay forever? Would there be any benefit in me calling and making the request?

Thanks, and I hope things are going well.

David Vincent Gagne


Mr. Phillips responded at 11:39 AM:


I am following up with them regarding the records and trying to get them to release them to me.
With regard to appointing you the PR, that would involve opening a probate action with the court here in Florida which is time consuming and expensive so I am trying to avoid that if possible.


Exactly ten minutes later I wrote him a quick reply:


Okay, thanks.

I appreciate it.


Note: As of May 21st, 2013 we have yet to receive copies of my mother’s medical records from Woodland Terrace.