Mom had an outstanding balance of $1,375.02 with Halifax Pathology Associates, PA, the company that handles — as far as I can tell — the billing for blood analysis (and nothing else) done at Halifax Hospital.

That total covers six tests done on January 20th, five tests done on January 21st, three tests done on January 23rd, seven tests done on February 24th, and two tests done on April 23rd. Each line item also shows a quantity column, so it could be that some of these tests were performed more than once on a given day and / or blood sample. For example on January 23rd she was charged $721.34 for a quantity of nine (9) for something labeled AMPHIPHYSIN R.

According to its Wikipedia entry, “Amphiphysin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the AMPH gene.” Why they tested mom’s blood for this nine times is a mystery that will probably never be solved.

Kathie Gagne

My mom and I on my wedding day in Maui, Hawaii

The more I read through lab tests and receipts for all the procedures that were done on mom, the more obvious it appears to me that nobody had any idea what was wrong with mom; as hard and as often as they looked, they were unable to find any physical reason for her altered mental status. So they just kept performing tests and administering psychopharmaceuticals and refusing to listen to my constant, repeated pleas for psychiatric and / or psychological care.

And then, when I finally managed to get her to see Dr. Stephanie Mossler, a psychiatrist, on August 7th, she spent just a few minutes with mom and simply prescribed Risperdal. Woodland Terrace called me and asked for approval to give mom Risperdal. I refused and they acknowledged my refusal. Then they gave it to her anyway and she had a heart attack and died five days later.

I called Halifax Pathology Associates, PA this morning and spoke to a very nice woman who told me to fax her a copy of mom’s death certificate and she would handle canceling the bill. So I did that.