At 6:22 AM attorney Kelly Mathis replied to my email from last night. He wrote:


Not yet. We have left a message and are still awaiting a return call.



I replied at 7:27 AM with:


I don’t understand, Kelly. That’s absurd. How long are we going to wait?


Then at 8:21 AM I called the law offices of Mathis & Murphy, P.A. and asked to speak with Jennifer. She was very nice and polite, of course. I explained to her that I was upset with Kelly’s response, that it seemed like he didn’t realize how long I’ve been waiting and how many times over the last few months I’ve been told to just wait one more day (or week, or two weeks).

Jennifer said she understood. She told me the name of the counsel for Woodland Terrace is James Morrison and that he is in West Palm Beach. She said she called him already once today and that she would call him again in two hours.

I asked her how long we were going to wait before getting a judge to order Woodland Terrace to deliver my mother’s medical records, because clearly they were not going to do anything until compelled. Jennifer said she would discuss that with Kelly and get a “hard deadline”, and she asked me to call her in about three hours to follow up. I told her I would do that.