TelephoneI called Jennifer at Mathis & Murphy, P.A. just after noon, as she suggested earlier today. She told me that since our phone call she had tried twice more to get in touch with someone at the law firm representing Woodland Terrace, but had gotten no response. She said she left another message for James Morrison, and that she would call again this afternoon and try to speak to any lawyer at the firm.

Jennifer said she asked Kelly Mathis about a deadline, and that he told her there is really nothing we can do to force them to comply. Our only option, she told me he said, was to file a lawsuit against the other law firm, and that that could take months to resolve.

She said that she would be persistent and that I should call her again at five o’clock (her time). I told her that I was going to be persistent, too, and that I felt bad that she had to bear the brunt of my persistence. She said she could take it and I shouldn’t apologize.