TelephoneI called Jennifer at Mathis & Murphy this afternoon. She told me she had touched base with Nicole at the office of the attorney for Woodland Terrace. Nicole told her that she had submitted the paperwork, and Jennifer asked Nicole if it would be okay for her to touch base each day until we have obtained my mother’s medical records. Jennifer said she was going to call every morning and every afternoon until we get them.

I asked her to whom Nicole had submitted paperwork, and she told me Nicole meant she had submitted a request to Woodland Terrace to deliver my mom’s medical records. Jennifer said that Nicole told her it should not take too long because Woodland Terrace had already been preparing the paperwork based on the earlier, apparently misplaced, request.

Nicole told Jennifer that once the invoice (for photocopies, I assume) was paid, the documents will be sent via email to Mathis & Murphy. Jennifer told me that she expressed how important this was to Nicole, and that Nicole said she understood.

Jennifer said that as soon as she receives the medical records, they would be reviewed by Kelly Mathis and we would then decide what to do next. She told me that the first call she makes every morning and the last call she makes every afternoon will be to Nicole until the medical records are delivered.

I thanked her profusely and then, because I don’t think I had done so yet, I gave her the abridged, ten-minute synopsis of my mom’s story. We also discussed that I would send her copies of some of the requests I had sent Jill Bechtold.