Just before two o’clock (my time) I received a call from Jennifer at Mathis & Murphy, P.A. She told me that she had been in contact with a Nicole Barna at the law firm representing Woodland Terrace, who asked her to resubmit our request for my mother’s medical records via email. Jennifer said she did that.

She said that Nicole told her that tomorrow she would send an invoice to Mathis & Murphy to pay for photocopying, etc. and that once that invoice was paid, copies of the medical records will be supplied. Nicole told her that the lawyer or paralegal that had been handling Woodland Terrace (or maybe just this request; it wasn’t clear) was no longer at their law firm and it would take a while to find the original request, so that was why she wanted Jennifer to simply resubmit the request.

Jennifer said that if everything goes smoothly, we should have copies of mom’s medical records by the end of the week. I told her I was (hopefully understandably) wary of that claim, since I have been told, “just one more week,” for about four months now. She said she understood and told me I should call her tomorrow afternoon to check on the status of our request. I told her I would.