I called Mathis & Murphy on May 13th, 2013 at 1:30pm to speak with Jennifer Workman and — fingers crossed — hopefully get an update on the status of acquiring mom’s medical records.

A lovely woman named Candace answered the phone. I assume she’s a receptionist; she’s answered the phone almost every time I’ve called. I asked if I could speak to Jennifer and she told me that Jennifer was not in today.

“Is she on vacation or something?” I asked, “Because she wasn’t there when I called on Friday, either.”

Candace said, “I don’t think she’s coming back.”

I was confused, of course. “You mean she’s out for the day? Or do you mean she’s gone forever?”

Candace said, “I don’t think she’s returning ever, no.”

I asked, “Is something wrong?” I meant at the firm, like: Is the whole law firm disintegrating or something?

But Candace just replied, “No. She’s just not coming back.”

She asked which attorney was working with me and I told her Kelly Mathis. Then she asked if I wanted to be connected to his voice mail and I said I did.

I left him a message — I spelled my name and recited my phone number twice — and asked him to please return my call.

I suppose there is a chance I am simply cursed. I hadn’t really considered that as a realistic option, but it’s starting to actually make sense.