Mathis and Murphy, P.A.Since Kelly Mathis didn’t respond to the message I left on his voice mail yesterday, I called Mathis & Murphy at 7:38 AM today, Tuesday, May 14th, 2013. Candace answered the phone and I reminded her of our call.

“Hi, Candace. This is David Gagne. We spoke yesterday when I called looking for Jennifer Workman.”

She said something to indicate she remembered, and I asked, “Are you certain now that she is not returning?” to which she replied, “Yes, I am.”

I asked, “Can you at least tell me if she left voluntarily or if she was dismissed?” Candace said, “No, I’m sorry; I can’t tell you that.”

“Ok,” I said. “I understand.”

“Would you like to speak to Kelly?” she asked, and I said, “Yes, if he’s in.”

She placed me on hold, then returned a moment later to say she was sorry, but somebody was in his office so he couldn’t speak to me right now. His door was closed so she couldn’t see that someone was in there, she mentioned. She asked me if I wanted his voice mail and I said, “No. He doesn’t return my messages. I’ll just call back.”

I asked Candace if she could estimate how long he might be and she said that she couldn’t, because, “his door is closed.” I said I would call back in about an hour and she said, “Ok. I’ll tell him that.”

05/14/2013 Update: It was not fair of me to say that Kelly doesn’t return my messages, and I should not have said that. I’m sure he is a very busy man, just like everyone else. I was simply very frustrated.