At 8:42 AM on May 14th, 2013 — about an hour after my previous attempt — I called Mathis & Murphy to try to get in touch with Kelly Mathis.

Candace answered the phone and I said, “Hi, Candace. It’s David Gagne again.”

Candace said, “Kelly has just gone to lunch. I’m sorry.”

I said, “Ah. Oh,” and she said, “You’re in California, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied.

She asked, “Do you want his voice mail?”

After a long pause I said, “I guess so. I’ll leave him a message and then call back in an hour.”

Candace said, “Ok. Hold on,” and I was connected to Kelly’s voice mail.

I said who I am, spelled my last name, recited my phone number twice, and said, “Please return my call.”