At about eight in the morning on Monday, July 22nd, 2013, I called the law offices of Mathis & Murphy, P.A. to speak to Kelly Mathis about the Order to File Inventory I received at the end of last week.

TelephoneKatie Perez, his legal assistant, answered the phone and said that she was — coincidentally — just about to email me regarding a different matter. She said that Halifax Hospital needed a copy of mom’s death certificate for some reason. I told her that, if given the chance, she should tell anyone possible at Halifax to go fuck themselves and / or drop dead. (She politely — and sympathetically — noted that that would probably be pointless.) I told her that I had certainly already sent her law firm a copy of the death certificate, but that I would send another copy as soon as I could. We spoke for a few minutes, but it was mostly more of me venting about the absurdity and stupidity of everyone in the state of Florida. I remember that I repeatedly used the words pathetic and insulting. After a few minutes I felt badly about ranting at her, so I apologized, did my best to make sure she understood I wasn’t upset with her, and she connected me to Kelly Mathis.

Kelly said that he didn’t know why the DeLand court would be requesting an inventory of mom’s estate, since we already made it clear to them that mom had no resources. He said it was just a technicality (basically) and that his office would handle it.

I asked him if there had been any progress in the last few weeks since I’d heard from anyone at his office and he told me that they had received a fax from Halifax asking for a “pre-approval of records”. (I wasn’t certain if this was the same request to which Katie was referring.) He said he understood how frustrating this whole process is.

I asked Kelly if he would let me speak to Katie again and then apologized profusely to her for my long-winded rant in her direction. She said she understood completely and wasn’t personally offended. Then I faxed them a copy of the Order to File Inventory.