From: Katie Perez, legal assistant to Kelly Mathis
To: David V. Gagne
Sent: July 25, 2013 @ 08:09 AM PDT

Mr. Gagne:

Attached is a copy of your Mother’s rescue report received from the DeLand Fire Department for your review.

Thank you,

Katie Perez

attachment: Recs – DeLand FD.pdf



  • The EMS dispatcher was called at 5:21 PM and they arrived on the scene just eight minutes later, at 5:29 PM.
  • From the report it’s clear that the employees at Woodland Terrace made no effort to perform CPR or otherwise attempt to save my mother’s life.
  • At 5:38 PM Ida Alvis called me to tell me they were rushing her to the hospital.
  • At 5:52 PM I received a call from Fish Memorial Hospital to let me know she had just arrived there in critical condition.
  • At 6:19 PM I received another call to let me know she had been declared dead.