Kathleen A. GagneI do not know the exact date this photo was taken. I’m guessing it had to be sometime in 1974, because mom doesn’t look to be very pregnant with my little sister yet. It might be Daytona Beach but it might be some beach in Rhode Island; there’s no way for me to know. (I’d guess New England, though, because of the sweatshirt.)

I know how incredible my son makes me feel when he smiles and laughs, and so onto this photo I project that joy onto my mom. She must have been so happy at this moment.

I miss her so much.

Update: Dad emailed me to say that this photo was taken at Scarborough State Beach in Narragansett, RI in the winter of ’73 or ’75.

Update: I found another photo taken on this same day. On the back of the picture, in mom’s perfect handwriting, is written Nov. ’74. So that ends that mystery.