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Gagne, A Personal “Ethnography”
December 3rd, 1996 @ 12:00 pm

In 1994 mom returned to school to finish her degree. She went to UCF and got her BA in 1998 at the age of 50. She was incredibly proud of this accomplishment, and we were all very proud of her, too. She submitted a paper for ANT 3422 on December 3, 1996 titled Gagne, A […]

InterLink Paging
June 12th, 1996 @ 12:00 pm

In which I am hired

Car Insurance and Love
May 13th, 1996 @ 11:25 pm

In which mom tries to make me feel better

College Graduation
May 3rd, 1996 @ 12:00 pm

Mom sent me so many cards and letters over the years. She’s been gone for a little more than a decade now and I am still finding ones in drawers and folders, tucked into books or hidden in between the pages of old instruction manuals for electronics I no longer own. Today (October 12, 2022) […]

hi from home
May 1st, 1996 @ 8:22 pm

Notes before graduation

nothing to fall back on
March 29th, 1996 @ 9:18 pm

In which mom deals with drama at work

This Job Thing
March 2nd, 1996 @ 12:18 pm

Job hunting, drama at work, and nana prepares for an operation