Mom wrote this email before she knew for certain she was going to be let go from her job. She had already started looking for a new place to work, though, hedging her bets. Up Close & Personal was the only “Redford movie” released in ’96, so that must have been the film she and Nana were going to see. I can’t recall why Nana was having surgery back then; she certainly survived it. Father Bob was the pastor of Nana’s church. And I have no idea if the Magic beat the Celtics winning streak that season, but I know my dad and Nana Rainy did indeed come to my college graduation.

Saturday, March 02, 1996 3:18 PM ET
Subject: Re: No Subject

Hi, hon,
i just downloaded your two files, but the screen said, “no subject downloaded,” so i’m not sure what i got. i just know there is something on my “a” disk that i intend to look at in a couple of minutes.
i wanted to thank you for your support in this job thing. believe it or not, this isn’t the worst that people get treated, and i don’t think it’s over yet. clint may be a really great guy in over his head and just trying to make things work. if he or his superiors can’t or don’t see things the way we do, that doesn’t make them evil or stupid. they may be right. so it’s a case of just waiting, impatiently, but just waiting because sometimes there isn’t anything else you can do. but thank you again. i know you love me and support me, and that counts for everything!
i’m gonna take nana to see the new redford movie this afternoon. she’s nervous about the operation – who wouldn’t be? she’s going to have bob webster give the anointing of the sick sunday. probably wants me and u         to be there. then she says she’s going to clean her whole house before she goes in. she has asked all her friends who had the operation what to expect, so she’s making plans for the couple of weeks following it. anyway, i thought a movie might take her mind off it for a little hwile.
the magic are on tonight. they will be tryin to extend their home winning streak. u         says they only need two more games to beat the celtics’ record. it would be nice – go magic! – but it’s a little sad that it’s the celtics they have to beat.
what’s the final word on graduation? are you all set? i mean, nothing but this semester’s grades to wait for, right? we should start to make plans for that day soon. nana has a big meeting that weekend and wants us to drop her off in sanfor, i think. has your father said anything about coming? nana rainy?
i’m going next door for a while. i love your more than you know…