I finally spoke to Moke Booz, the coach Susan referred me to. He sounds really nice and very dedicated, and he was as supportive of my thinking about the same career as Susan thought he would be. We spoke for over an hour. He suggested I take a couple of days to try to discern what my dreams and passions are. He even gave me an affirmation to use and some tips about how to conduct this search. And he offered me a free consultation if I want it. Today would have been that, but he said he had enjoyed talking with me.

Tonight I had dinner with Jen. She seems to have saved someone’s life again, an elderly man on a raft who would have been in real trouble if, for any reason, he fell out. What an incredible person she is, not because of what happened today, but because of who she is every day.

Tonight, I also went to a second meeting of the Gainesville Writers and Poets group. I heard some wonderful work and offered what I hoped were helpful comments. (Jessica’s poem really moved me, and I don’t generally like poetry.) Apparently, others appreciated my comments because several of the men kept remarking that they agreed with them, and one person particularly stressed that what I had said was exactly what the author needed to hear. (It was for Susan. I have her a hint on how to make her characters more unique by going back and giving each one an identifying trait.)

Then several of us went to Applebee’s. I sat next to Bob and across from Rick and Sonia. I had a great time. Bob is (or appears to be) very sensitive and caring. Rick is incredibly good looking and seems really nice. They both seemed very interested in what I had to say. I mentioned to Bob that I had been published and how and he said he has not been. But his work is so good …

Incredibly, I had a great time (except when we listened to bad work). But I was able to speak comfortably and casually with both men and to listen eagerly to what they had to say. (I still need to learn a lot more about listening!) I think this was different fro many other time in my life. I probably weigh more than I ever have, but, tonight, I liked myself, and it didn’t matter whether anyone was married or not or great looking or not …

I wonder where all this will take me? I believe there are good things ahead.
Kathleen A. Gagne