Got my sinuses x-rayed. Talking to Dic helps, and I’m thinking it’s allergies, but worried as usual.

Remembered what Mike said and used the affirmation. Walking into Wal-Mart, told myself I was going to figure out what I’m “supposed” to do. It is amazing, but, like realizing my self-esteem has or should have no link to my weight, I honestly think that’s the very first time I have ever recognized or said or believed that in my whole life!

I spent a couple of hours tonight going through Do What You Are. Maybe I was more motivated because of that little exercise at Wal-Mart! Oddly enough, I really was able to narrow some things down to workable dimensions. And I have at least a hopeful feeling about being able to move ahead in the process.

Jen asked me if I wanted to drive to Ichetucknee with her tomorrow to drop off her time card. Sounds like fun! We also talked for a minute about whether she feels she needs to take care of me. I really want to help her to love herself — I don’t want her to wait another 25 yrs.

David is in New England until next Monday. Mom wants to come back up here, but I explained to her that I need to focus on getting a job, and she can come when I’m settled. I need to tell her that the reason is that the job search process is so stressful. I’ve been having some decent conversations with Dic lately. I hope we can sustain that.

Mike said I “should” forgive everyone, including myself.

I wonder if I can write something or have something to take to the meeting next Tuesday.
Kathleen A. Gagne