Another day of watching the horror in New York City. And now they are talking to victims and victim’s families. People are crying, and there is anger and fear and confusion.

How sad that only a few people (less than 20 it seems) could destroy so much. Three or four more buildings collapsed. The fire continued to burn in the Pentagon. The dangerous conditions make searching too unsafe to continue most of the time. And yet, miraculously, they find about 10 survivors in the rubble — the area is huge, beyond belief.

They’re looking in Florida and Boston and the trail seems to be pretty clear. They had been planning for 2 years, learning how to fly in the U.S. And it was clear that Bin Laden wanted those towers down.

More people will die, more than the thousands already gone, people whose names I have heard, whose families I have seen, gone when it wasn’t their time.

How lucky I am that my children are safe tonight, as safe as anyone can be. How I grieve for the mothers and fathers who lost children, the young wives who are alone, the families who lost more than one. So many hearts are aching. The flag is everywhere.

David called on his way home and we talked about it until he got to Sears to buy [redacted]’s present. And then he was sobbing because, when he went in, there were flags everywhere and people lined up to buy them. He had posted flags on his website.

He sounded stuffed up for the second time when he called. I just realized it’s probably because he doesn’t have money to buy his allergy medication. I’ll give him some tomorrow. He’s such a wonderful person.

Jen keeps calling. I think she is hurting about this and missing her brother and, typically, she doesn’t know how to express herself.

My two wonderful, beautiful joys. I wonder if they will every know how much I love them, with all their strengths and weaknesses, all their highs and lows, joys and sorrows.

I give thanks to the universe …
Kathleen A. Gagne