When I got home from seeing Susan yesterday, there was a message from Peggy Mathes at CCR. I was heading there anyway to drop off my application, so I stopped in to see her and she offered me the job at $35,000. Then she said they wanted to know if I would move to Palatka. That threw me, but I think I handled it pretty well. I told her I needed some time to think about it and asked if Monday was okay, and she said it was.

Today I had an interview at B’Nai Israel for an executive director position. I really liked the 3 interviewers, and I was pretty sure they liked me, but they were talking about a process taking several weeks. Then, shortly after I got home, David Greenberg called me to tell me the 3 of them had narrowed it down to 3 candidates and that I was one of the candidates. Then he got pretty funny and said he “couldn’t say too much, but that one of the candidates was much stronger than the others …” They still have to find out who the Rabbi wants …

If it’s me, I need to convince them to hire me soon.

Salty needs surgery which will probably cost about $500, in addition to the $260 we spent between last night and today. She seems to be okay, but she’s in pain. What a great dog she is!!!
Kathleen A. Gagne