Had a really awful day today, mostly because I did virtually nothing but play video games and cook. Finally, late, I started cleaning my bathroom. It’s gorgeous, too clean to use.

Anyway, after 7:00, I decided to go to my writers’ meeting. I got there really late, but it was great. People were glad to see me.

Valerie even asked me to critique her story tonight and said she couldn’t go any further without my input! And Wendy brought me info on a local company that is hiring. She’s actually been looking hard for a job for me. And Kim wants to see David’s tape. And Mary and I had a great conversation about personality types. She’s terrific.

Jen is so supportive! She told me tonight that, if David gets a part in Pirates of Penzance, I’m going out there with her even if she has to give me intravenous vallium!

Well, it’s late and cold, and I need to go to bed.

Mom & I started Weight Watchers yesterday, by the way. Maybe we’ll go to see “Kate and Leopold” tomorrow, or I’ll rent the “Princess Diaries.” Jen and I plan to see “Lord of the Rings” Friday.

I need to think of something else to sell.

I’m going to bed.
Kathleen A. Gagne