Dic and Ann’s fifth anniversary. Auntie Dora died yesterday — she introduced Mom and Dad, asking them to be my cousin Richard’s god-parents. If it wasn’t for her, Jen and David and I wouldn’t be here.

David called to tell me he got a line in Jesus Christ Superstar. Incredible! How things go around — I was sitting in Jeannie Zibilski’s basement listening to it (a record probably) just about 30 years ago. I really am missing David tonight. He’s so far away and I’m really feeling it knowing I won’t be able to see the play for a lot of reasons.

And Jen went to a Bible study tonight. Deja vu …

Nothing on the job front. No calls, not even from the Clinton Group.

David is sending me some money.

Am I wrong to still have a little bit of hope that a great job will come along? Monday I need to look into temp work!

There were some good things on Oprah today, about archetypes and valuing what you have now, and sacred contracts. I’ll write more soon. I think I’m going to go to her website to look it up.

Susan asked me to try EMDR. I need to look that up, too.
Kathleen A. Gagne